Chandore QUARRY

The Chandore quarry located in the commune of Champdor (AIN) at 100 km northeast of Lyon dates from the secondary Cretaceous era, at the Neonomians stage and was formed around 120 million years ago.


A sedimantary rock, the Chandore limestone is an oolitic limestone. This fine-paste marble limestone of a yellow-beige color has small lines and crystallized flecks of calcite with a light golden-pink veining.


The Chandore has been widely used for paving or walls coverings of many private or public architectural works (note the National Bibliothèque of Paris), bridges, dams, but also interior design projects or works-of-art.


The Chandore quarry covers an area of 10 hectares, with a production capacity of 8,000 m3/year.